QCPharma - Quality Control Branding


QCPharma is the result of a partnership between the  ISQ and Labiagro-Laboratório Químico e Microbiológico.
In the context of strategic management, the Laboratory seeks to create and fulfill the future, diversify and creating new areas of activity of high technology content, enhancing organizational growth, based on the experience of over 20 years of laboratory activity.
QCPharma is a geared laboratory for quality control of pharmaceutical products.
This Laboratory has manufacturing authorization by Infarmed to control operations of physico-chemical quality of medicinal products for human use, investigational medicinal products and active substances.
Provides support to companies and organizations in this area of activity and differentiates itself by offering highly credible results, with fast response with special attention to the care and advice offering successful solutions.
This Laboratory is provided by a team with extensive experience, enabling to develop tailor made methods.

Impartiality, Independence and Confidentiality

The QCPharma is not involved in industrial, commercial or financial interests by ensuring impartiality, independence and confidentiality of test results that performs.